Food-Inflammation and Pain part 2

part 2 of 4

When you have a fire that starts on your stove you might run to grab a fire extinguisher, or try to toss a lid on fire to try and smother it or turn your gas knob off to the stove you sure as hell wouldn’t crank the heat higher or pour water water on a grease fire.

Yet we allow and feed our body’s the wrong things and increase the inflammation in our body. 🔥

This causes us more pain, more discomfort and more disease. We do this by eating too much sugar,to much salt,fat,animal products, way too many processed foods too many fast food stops and just consuming garbage food with very little to no nutritional value.


If you suffer with chronic pain, or a chronic condition what we eat is vital to our health, a few changes in your diet could really improve your health and lower your pain. It may not be a cure all but it can lower the inflammation that adds to our pain.

At least that’s what I did to help my pain.

Am I painfree? I wish…. but no.

But I am giving my body the nutrients it needs. And my pain is less.

And my other reward is better Blood pressure, far lower cholesterol levels and less pain and bloat.


The foods we eat can either raise or lower the levels of inflammation in the body.


Eating fewer pro-inflammatory foods and eating more anti-inflammatory foods can be part of an overall strategy for coping with chronic pain and inflammation in the body.


We need to provide the body with vital nutrients so we start to reduce the inflammation in our body.


Less inflammation -less pain- better health


Cellular inflammation can be a silent threat. We may not feel anything when it begins.

But once started, we can experience all types of issues and disease like heart disease, cancer, chronic pain, muscle pain , joints and blood vessels.


We see the consequences of inflammation in scar tissue buildup, decreased flexibility, the acceleration of joint degeneration and hardening of the arteries.

We see its interaction with other chronic diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, or even neurological disease.



Every meal we consume affects our health either in a positive or negative way.  If our diets consist mainly of heavily processed foods and animal products, rich in saturated fats, oils, salt and sugar, we are creating an environment that encourages chronic degenerative disease.



However, by giving our bodies superior nutrition, we can avoid food addictions,  encourage longevity, and support our immune system that resists disease.  It’s never too late to start.  Begin a healthy lifestyle today, and you’ll soon notice how much better you feel!


Give it 2-3-4 weeks.


Get that journal out and track your progress.



First talk to your doctor and tell him you want to add more healthy foods in your life.


Start out easy

When I started I removed some unhealthy foods and replaced with 2 good.


Example instead of having peanut butter crackers, try peanut butter or your favorite nut or seed butter and replace crackers with a banana or celery sticks or an apple


If your still on the white bread trans wagon try to something new and better like the ones below so much more flavor and texture.


Best Whole Grain Bread


Dave’s Killer Bread Thin-Sliced Organic 21 Whole Grains and Seeds.

Arnold Whole Grains: Double Fiber.

Ezekiel 4:9 Low Sodium Sprouted Whole Grain Bread- My personal favorite when I eat bread.

Rudi’s Gluten-Free Multigrain Bread


Another thing we did is remove meat from several meals

We started out with no meat Monday-Wednesday-Friday

We had veggie dinners or oven baked salmon ( well we tried it we don’t like salmon much)

So we had grilled or baked tuna steaks-cod-trout-haddock and pollock

Thankfully I never was a soda pop drinker it’s rare I’d have pop if I did it would be squirt.

Never a cola fan.

But if you like your pop or soda daily whether it’s regular or diet cut back and replace it with water or herbal tea.

I’m not saying you can never have a cinnamon roll again or your favorite cookie.

But it’s not wise to eat a fast food breakfast sandwich and lunch run to the local hot dog shop then because your worked late called for pizza for dinner.

It’s about small changes and they add up to a healthier you.

Next part we will have some more tips and recipes that you and your family are sure to love…

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