I Need Your Help – Let’s Rock the Walk

Hey everyone! Did you know that over 60 million American adults have doctor-diagnosed arthritis? 2.2 million adults in Ohio and over 8000 children. That's a lot of people dealing with joint pain and inflammation every day. But it's not just adults - there are also over 300,000 kids with arthritis in the US, and Ohio... Continue Reading →

Check Out My New Faith Based Blog

Joyful-Echoes is an uplifting faith based blog. It’s purpose is to provide Hope-Inspiration to all people. The world is becoming angrier, lost, more violent and less morality. I just want a place to provide hope , I will be sharing stories from various faiths. https://joyful-echoes.com/ Here is a link to one one my posts Jesus... Continue Reading →

Working From Home Challenges

As someone who lives with chronic pain, I know how frustrating and debilitating it can be. I recently went back to work and my joint pain has increased tenfold. It feels like there's a tourniquet wrapped around my leg, cutting off circulation to the leg with osteonecrosis. This makes it difficult to move around and... Continue Reading →

Good Friday

Good Friday is a solemn day in the Christian calendar that commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is a day of reflection and repentance, reminding us of the sacrifice that Christ made for our salvation. On this day, we are called to walk with Christ and live in faith, knowing that through his death... Continue Reading →

Going to Try a Compound Pharmacy

I hate pills and medication in general. You take something for one thing and then you have to worry about side effects , addiction wasting money on things that don’t work or you have a bad reaction to. Living with joint pain has many challenges, what works often doctors don’t want to give and yet... Continue Reading →

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