You Matter

Let’s face in a perfect world, nothing would ever go wrong. No one would hurt another person. No one would say ridiculous comments. No one would get bullied. No one would be harassed. No one would feel lonely or lost.No one would have to suffer in any way. We’d never become sick . We would always do the right thing. We would never fail. Things would fall perfectly into place all through our lives.

But that’s not how the world works we’re all sinners and we’re certainly not perfect. I mean we are human. And with that being said we will face success and failure, loss , shame , embarrassment and sometimes alone even in a crowded room.

Yet many of us expect and seek perfection. We can only strive to do our very best, but if we aim to be perfect in every area of our life we will fail or have a melt down from the pressure.

We try to be the perfect husband or wife or perfect parent or perfect student or perfect son or daughter or perfect employee the perfect person. Or all the above.

I mean wow …. just wow.

We have to stop that. Because that puts excessive stress and anxiety on us. In an already stressed out world.

I’m not suggesting you skate your way through life either. Because then we will never know or appreciate our full capabilities.

Life has a way of creating anxious moments. It might be waiting for the results of a medical test or a school exam. It might come from rumors of layoffs at work. It could be as simple as your pay check will not get you through the month and then your car breaks down .

You can find relief from the anxiety that controls you. It may not be easy to see right now, but anxiety does not need to rule your life.

My husband and I brought our fears and concerns to God many times like when we both faced layoffs at the same time, several years ago and between us losing 30,000 income. That caused us to lose our house. Talk about stress and anxiety. I felt like I was drowning. The bank didn’t care the just wanted that adjusted mortgage that doubled. Again we felt like we didn’t matter.

Try finding a place to live when people find out that you lost your house , they are afraid to rent to you. It’s not that we couldn’t pay the bills. It’s that unemployment took 6 to 8 weeks to get approved and by then we were behind on everything because we lived pay to pay we were house poor and that one was the final straw .

We actually had to stay in a hotel for a few weeks…. which was more costly than renting a place.

There went the credit cards…more debit. More stress and no one seemed to care. I will say the hotel was very kind and accommodating.

I felt like I was stressed beyond my limits. Deep down I knew we’d get through it but the process had me doubting everything from my luck, to God to my marriage.

I had no peace. Because I chose to focus on the stress vs the solution.

Once I started focusing on the solution I felt more peaceful a little more everyday.

Jesus Christ gave us peace.

In the Bible, the Apostle Peter gives those of us who battle anxiety great hope. He tells us “Cast your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.” (1 Peter5:7)

I read this daily , many times a day. I memorized it and why I felt that anxiety build up I said it . And I learned to breath to release stress.

Another one I read and memorized was

Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

This kept me grounded. Often when stressed we either forget God or turn to him .

We chose to turn to him.

And it got me through, it got us through.

We gave all our problems to god and went on with our life.

You see you can’t give your problems to god and continue to stress over it.

Learn to breathe to release stress.


Breathe in for a count of four

Hold for a count of four

Release for a count of four

After a few times you can feel the calm set in.

I remember feeling judged, feeling like a failure and insignificant when we lost our house.

Nearly everyone feels insignificant at one time or another.

You may be great on the baseball field and terrible in a chemistry lab. It’s ok

You could move to a new city and feel lost.

Or start a new chapter in your life only to feel lost .

But that’s all temporary. Learn good coping skills and it will be less stressful.

Holidays seem to magnify sadness and depression especially if we lost loved ones and friends. Or family lives miles and miles away. This still is hard for me. Both my parents are gone. I’m an only child and my daughter and family live several hundred miles away. So whennits just my husband and I I sometimes become sad. I allow myself to be sad for no more than a day. Because that shit will grip you and suck you into depression.

It’s just about coping.

But learning to cope will help you get through many difficulties in life you will face and honestly no one gets through life without being hurt or sad or even questioning their purpose at least once or several times.

Maybe you are the star of the show with one group and totally ignored in another.

Insignificance has more to do with how we feel about ourselves than our real value as people.

Feelings versus Fact

It is easy to feel totally worthless when people ignore us. It’s hard to stand up and be counted when we feel alone against the crowd. So, where can you discover your true value?

Feeling insignificant really hurts but regardless of our feelings, we do have real value. We are made in God’s image; created for great things! Life chips away at our souls, but God sees us as priceless.

How God Sees You

Jesus Christ sees you as an incredibly valuable person. He sees past all your hurt and pain and recognizes that you have real worth.

Better still, He is ready to take away the mess your life has become and offer you healing and forgiveness for whatever wrong things you have done. Instead of feeling insignificant, you can feel treasured by God.

Never allow what happened to impact, or sabotage your inner peace and your life.

Sometimes I took one day at a time, sometimes I took one hour at a a time.

You will get through it. Because you are important,loved and you matter.

You can know the joy of belonging.

When we receive God’s gift of forgiveness, we discover that we were chosen, hand selected by God for a relationship with Jesus Christ that will never end. It leads us to a whole new way of living where we are valued and value others. Instead of feeling invisible in the crowd, we understand that God sees us and our needs every moment of every day.

What to Do Now

If you are tired of feeling insignificant, if you are tired of feeling invisible in a crowd, it is time to receive Jesus’ offer of new life.

It begins with a simple prayer like this:

“Dear Jesus, I am sorry for the wrong things I have done. I am tired of feeling insignificant. I want to have a relationship with you. Please become the Lord of my life. Thank you for seeing the value in me and help me to see myself through Your eyes. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen!”

Try to getinvolved nona group or church group.If your still struggling try to call a Christian counselor.

But never give up! Never allow the shit life throws at you to question your worth.

Your priceless

Your worth it.

You matter

Check out this cool video…. deep

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