The new danger our kids are facing

So many new drugs and drug concoctions have made their way onto the market and into homes in recent year and are deadly.

Purple drank goes by several names including sizzurp, purple stuff, lean, drank and barre. However, despite these playful monikers, purple drank is remarkably dangerous and has either killed or hospitalized several celebrities with equally entertaining epithets like DJ Screw, Pimp C, and Lil’ Wayne (treated in the ICU).

In recent years, purple drank has been celebrated among singers, rappers and professional athletes like Soulja Boy, Justin Bieber, and JaMarcus Russell. Apparently, all this attention was too much heat for drank’s unwitting supplier, Activis, which has halted production and sales of this highly potent cough syrup (nicknamed Prometh) for fears of substance misuse.

The street cocktail

Parents if you don’t know you need to know.

People are more of an influence on our kids and many not good.

Kids go to parties in jr high , high school hell even college and they are handed a drink if they ask what it is they are told it’s a lean drink.

Do you know what a lean drink is?

Do you know what sizzup is?

Or how about purple drank ?

Purple lean or dirty sprite?

Well it’s dangerous and deadly and you better learn about it.

What Are its Side Effects?

Lean drink side effects may gradually worsen as a person drinks more of the concoction. However, first-time users may also notice unpleasant side effects such as :

• Dizziness.

• Blurred vision.

• Nausea.

• Memory problems.

Regular purple drank use can cause additional, widespread health issues. Individuals who use the drug regularly report suffering from .

• Dental decay.

• Constipation.

• Weight gain.

• Urinary tract infections.

People who abuse purple drank in the long term or in sufficiently large doses may suffer from life-threatening effects, which may be exacerbated when it is used in combination with other drugs.

Some cases of coma and death have been reported and attributed to purple drank use. The risk of death is highest when combined with other sedative drugs or depressant substances such as alcohol .

Many people believe the drug is safe because it contains substances regularly prescribed by doctors (cough syrup, antihistamines), but it can and does cause disastrous health problems and even death. In fact, even those celebrities who are credited for making purple lean famous are now having serious health problems.

In 2012, Lil Wayne began having seizures after a long history of abusing lean,1 and in 2000 DJ Screw died of a codeine overdose .

Many people are surprised to learn what drinking lean can do to their bodies, yet, even after learning about the harmful side effects, they continue to use.

Seeing their favorite celebrities using the concoction and boasting about their experiences with the drug often encourages the behavior.

When continued use of purple lean leads to addiction, professional addiction treatment becomes necessary.

Because the withdrawal symptoms caused by codeine addiction are so uncomfortable, many people choose to go through withdrawal in an inpatient detox setting and then transfer to an addiction treatment program

Now people are also slipping other shit in these drinks making them more deadly

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