Faithful Friday From Stressed to Blessed!

Faithful Friday! From Stressed to Blessed
Ways to take care of you

Keep showing up and you will see and feel a difference in your life

Step one

Stop Complaining

For 30 days 

Things you complain about stop.
How to flip the negatives

1 don’t get paid enough: Instead thank god your working

2 I’m gaining weight : Instead put yourself on notice you will eat healthier. Just Look how beautiful you are.

3 My bones hurt : Instead say I am so glad I am alive to live and feel another day.

Gratitude List!!

Be Grateful for everything!
When we get on social media post something we’re grateful for everyday!

Week One.                                                   Gratitude 

Week Two.                                                          Detox your environment 

Week Three.                                            Spiritual detox.   Replace 30 minutes if tech time with a simple act of kindness 

Week Four:   Work on your Temple.          We fuel our soul let’s not forget to honor & take care of the temple

Stay tuned for more!!





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