Make the world a better place, spread some niceness and pay kindness forward.


I don’t know about you but I’m tired of all the  mean and nasty comments by so many people for years now I have seen people just say anything they want and not care if they hurt anyone 

The problem with our society is that everyone is guilty of hypocrisy. When in any given situation, the majority of people fail to consider the way that they would feel if they were in that situation themselves, and thus, act in their own self interest. Failing to recognize how they might react if they were in the position of another, people act upon what’s best for themselves above all. 

People just don’t stop to think how their words might stick with someone forever, or how one small inconsiderate decision might ruin their or someone else’s entire day.

People seem to have become so insensitive, of others which contributes to the overwhelming presence of incivility. And they seem to cry fowl at everything. 
Particularly, with the prevalence of technology and social media, some individuals have no reservations about being less polite virtually than face-to-face. 

Rudeness on social media and other forms of technology are becoming a huge issue among our society.

Adults seem worse with words than children. And kids see what adults are doing and then follow suite. 

Bullying of younger generations through social media outlets is leading to the early deaths of far too many youths that fall victim to the cruelty of their peers. 
Hateful acts towards people of a particular sexual orientations, people of certain race, or people of differing socioeconomic status are increasing in prevalence, especially on social media 

Let’s put our energy into reinventing our culture, rid ourselves of hate, and stop wasting energy on making others feel insignificant and unworthy.

What is it that makes people feel so entitled to spread their hateful opinions onto those who could care less what they believe to be true? 

I see it all over , even celebrities are doing it. !

So I’m boycotting all awards.

Living a satisfactory life does not require the condemnation of others. 

Doesn’t everyone on this planet deserves a peaceful and happy life, no matter their race, sexual orientation, gender, disability or any other factor.
What happened to our society that turned it into such a rude, vulgar and cruel place? 

Have we experienced so much hardship as a nation that we have hardened up and turned cold to one another? 

Where is the kindness thoughtfulness? 

Are we wrapped so tight that we can’t relax and just loosen up a little bit. 

I want to start a movement so we call all open hearts more to one another. 

We are human-beings
We need each other sooner or later. 
It’s also said when we are kind to others it helps our own brain. 

Every day, we have opportunities to do something nice for someone. By making a conscious decision to do something nice daily, we’ll all have a little more thoughtfulness, kindness, helpfulness, compassion and niceness on our minds.

Any kind act, statement or behavior that is simply about intentionally doing something nice that impacts your family, others, your community, the enviroment and the world in a positive way, matters.

By writing down nice things we do, we are likely to become more aware of doing nice things for others.

The more we practice doing nice things, the better we get at it. When we practice kindness, we’re training our brains to get better at kindness as the brain learns that we want to think about being nice. 
When we help others and do kind acts, it causes our brain to release endorphins, the chemicals that give us feelings of fervor and high spirits – similar to a “runner’s high.” Doing something nice for someone also gives the brain a serotonin boost, the chemical that gives us that feeling of satisfaction and well-being.

So I have made a calendar of goals everyday. If you don’t know where to start 

If you do fabulous!!

Post your results below 







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