#MyMighty Day 15

MyMightyMonth Day 15 

Being a Health Advocate and Activist 

I reach out to  James Bell who is a Silicon Valley billionaire who dreams of building a hospital with ultimate cutting edge technology to treat rare and incurable diseases. 
He partners with a maverick surgeon, Dr. Walter Wallace, who leads the effort in clearing out the bureaucracy of medicine, and focus on forward thinking, advancing technology, and saving lives at no cost to the patient.
I tell him about all the problems people with Avascular Necrosis/Osteonecrosis have and issues they face
I explain my situation and I am used a test patient for a new device that is inserted into the veins and arteries and acts like a rotor rooter to unblock anything that is slowing the blood supply to the bones , joints , anyplace in the body 
It will self devolve with in 8 hrs

He finds a cure for AVN /ON

While also seeing the benefits it has for heart disease and other clotting diseases and conditions.
Within 24 hrs we check to see the blood is flowing perfect throughout all parts of the body. 

So many diseases are cured

And it also helps those who have no clotting factors so it stabilized all blood flow and clotting 

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