Give Thanks To Our Creator

Often in pictures of the pilgrims someone is usually praying and giving thanks.

Think about how you have been blessed this year and all the years in the past. Because you have been blessed.

Psalm 100 :1-5

Shout joyfully to the lord all the earth serve the lord.

Give thanks to him bless his name

The lord is good

Faithful to all generations

God is faithful to us all,even when we are not as faithful to him.


In spite of all I have been through in my life I am grateful and thankful for everything I have gone through, good and not so good because through it all I have learned one thing.

God will never leave me. I am never alone.

I take time to give my thanks to God throughout the day.



It seems like it gets less and less recognition every year.

Where is it in your heart?

It’s on the calendar but it seems like we go from Halloween to Christmas.

We are forgetting to give thanks to God our creator ,for our life , our job, grateful for knowing god, grateful for seeing you through so much and never leaving you. The source of all our blessings.

We seem overlook all that is precious to us, and the source of all our blessings .

The world is changing and not always for the better. Sure we have better technology, drug treatments for some illnesses but people? Mmmm so many seem to have lost the light in their soul or don’t know it’s even there. Some instead of being grateful focus on things that are negative and it’s interfering with gods blessings.

We moan and groan about everything.








Don’t pray

We can’t have a nativity scene,we can’t pray in school, and it seems we can’t even remember to give him thanks on thanksgiving.

Here are a few reason why we need to give him thanks everyday and especially on thanksgiving.

Think about the impact of thanksgiving on our life.

Thanksgiving keeps us continually aware that we are walking in his presence which contrived to living a godly life.

Reasons For Giving Thanks

1. Give Thanks as we are walking with God. He has never left us. We may have left him but he is and always will be there for us. We must show him gratitude.

2. Everything that happens in our life is for a purpose. It should motivate us to look for his purpose in everything that he allows in our life.

3. Helps us seek out God in suffering , pain and loss. Loneliness is a horrible feeling… but Jesus is always there. He will never leave us !

4. Reminds us we need god in our life. We are dependent on God. We need him every day ,all day. We often overlook what is most precious.

5. Of all the things we need to be grateful for is that we have Jesus in our hearts so we need to live a life of goodness.

Do you ever just thank god you got home safe today?

Or thanks that we are able to buy food to eat and nourish our body?

We often over look what is most precious, and focus and dwell on negativity.

Stop asking god why did you allow this to happen to me.

No one lives an easy life.

So just stop and thank god everyday.

Whatever your struggling with he is there with you.

I can’t always understand why things are happening in my life. It’s not his obligation to explain it but he is there to see you through.

So I find joy in the lord in the midst of suffering. And he always sees me through.

God gives me peace when I become anxious or worried. If you get bad news in a friend or family member remember, Jesus said my peace I give to you.

Learn to thank him for everything and anything going on in your life. You have been blessed.

And he will always see you through the good and not so good even when we don’t understand what’s happening in our life, give God thanks for seeing you through.

The apostle Paul knew all about suffering but he writes about the glory of God.

If your wondering where god is ….. he is right there inside you. Ask and he will always see you through.

And give thanks in everything going on in your life.

Have faith it will be ok.

And live as if your prayers have been already answered. I know sometimes life can become weary, It can cause us to lose hope , lose faith

No matter who we are ,where we are never forget god loves us. He is always our perfect hope.

So this thanksgiving give thanks to God for everything happening in your life. Yes…..everything

Today, as we gather with friends and family or if we’re eating alone for Thanksgiving, may we always remember that it is only by the grace of God that we live in a land of plenty. Together, may we give thanks to the Lord, the Source of all good gifts.

May you have a blessed day and I pray everyone reading this has a fantastic blessed day and that they know God you are right there where you always have been , right there with us.

Show us how to live a life of thanksgiving, work in our hearts today and everyday.

Happy Thanksgiving


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