Dump The Loser

I know this applies to both men and women but My Message is for all women young and not so young….

I an writing this because I get so tired of seeing women date losers , marry assholes,and many just fear being alone….

Of course we know we can’t change a guy,and guys you cant change us but the fact has never stopped many of us from trying.

Many women have been socialized to just stick with a guy, work with him while he shamelessly exhibits problematic flaws and just be content to “get chose.”

I am hear to shed some light….

We often tell ourselves that he “has great potential” if only, or you make up lies about him like he is going back to school and he is really trying hard or hes good to me yet has no job or goals.. bull crap.. and we fall in love with who we know the guy could be instead of who we see in front of us in the moment.
Wake your ass up

It’s not the healthiest mentality.

But these thoughts below should wake your ass up.

Here are a few signs the crush you’ve been holding out for will never get it together. It’s time to admit to yourself what’s really going on, and kick him to the curb.

His job situation sucks and it’s all his fault.
Having a little bad luck in the job department can happen to the best of us, but if your guy is always quitting for trivial reasons ,stopped looking or getting fired for serious ones— red flag on the play, babe. LOSER

He constantly asks you for money.

He’s a chronic liar.

He never asks you how you are doing.

All of his friends are falling off the face of the earth and so are some of yours

He’s constantly in trouble with the law.Please let him go you sure as hell
don’t need that in your life.Most good men and women have a clean record but maybe
if he was arrested once I could let it go. But if he or she keeps getting arrested especially for the same thing MOVE ON

If he or she has EVER put their hands on you….get out now….don’t look back

He is holding you back….a good guy wants you to be happy and will boost you up not drag you down
so if you are not the same person you was a few months ago , a year ago etc…..let him go

He doesn’t want you to better yourself because he is insecure about himself..NOTHING worse than a guy with no self esteem. He talks you out of that job, or that class, or relocation….let him go

His remedy for arguments has always been to walk away. That doesn’t solve anything.

He’s a habitual cheater Not only is playboy not being faithful to you, but he’s also likely
exposing you to all kinds of diseases. Bleh. Don’t let this fuck boy play with your heart,
your vagina or your life.

He disrespects your friends and/or parents.

Or you wont bring him home to hang out.

He never follows through on anything.

He thinks sex requires his pleasure and only your presence.
Sex isn’t everything, but it damn sure is something. This guy acts like pleasing you
while enjoying himself isn’t a possibility. Break up with this selfish clown and get
you somebody who can do both.

He doesn’t respect his own parents.
Especially his mother,sister etc…

He’s abusive.any one of these and he needs to get the boot
any of the above leave him now

If his daddy or man that raised him was abusive 85 percent chance he will be abusive to

if he is a drug dealer or addicted to drugs your life will suck just cut your
losses you deserve better

He Uses How “Damaged” He Is To Excuse His Poor Behavior his parents sucked is also now excuse he blames his shabby relationship behavior on “being damaged,” “previous bad relationships,” “not being sure how to love again” and/or “having trust issues.” If he’s particularly jerky, he’ll resort to sob stories and let you feel sorry for him AND make up your own excuses.

Set your standards high and wait for the right guy to come along.

Ladies, draw your lines a lot more carefully and do so without apology.

I dated some great guys as well as some losers

My 2nd husband is a good man hard working, kind, thoughtful perfect no….but a good man. we don’t argue. We have mutual love and respect for each other and we are friends as well.

So don’t settle ….

Hold out and wait for a good man .

You are so worth it and you deserve the best.

To the losers here’s my quote for you

(See Below)

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