#Blessed30Challenge #Grateful 

#Blessed30Challenge Grateful 
Thank you Lord For another day 

Thank you for allowing me to blog and share my thoughts. 

One of the words that has been stripped of its meaning is the word ‘blessing.’ 
Many of us blithely use the word blessing, such as “I am so blessed.” or “I want to be a blessing to others.” without understanding the full depth of the meaning of the word. 

I challenged myself, asking “What areas have I been really blessed?” 
An article I recently read inspired me to count my blessings. In fact, it suggested that I come up with 100 things I’m thankful for. And Dr Oz has a blessed30challengegoing on which I found a great idea. 

We need this! 

I need this!

At the outset, I considered this a piece of cake. A no brainer. 
But, as I have spent the last few days counting all my blessings, 
I realized how all to often we forget about the simple things that make our life silly, fun and the complex that gives us life , like the beating of our hearts. 
It was a sobering moment. I always am grateful but already I have renewed sense of appreciation for not just the big things, but also small things that bring color in life.

I love

My amazing heart that beats all on its own which is essential for life. I’m trying to take better care of you. 
I love 

That I have a mind that allows me to gather my thoughts and write about them
I love that there are 42 days until Spring.

I’m Grateful Today for 

My Parents exemplified what it meant to live a godly life; being kind decent human beings ,helping community speaking truth and showing me Both my father & mother were wonderful. I miss and love them. 
Desires to Serve God and be of help to others. And to always strive to be a better person. 
Adversity Grateful for the pain and struggles I’ve encountered in my life which has built my character and compassion 

Tomorrow I will show others kindness by

Not posting anything negative oh any social media platform 

I will pay for the persons coffee that’s behind me

And I will donate things to the Women’s Shelter $ Salvation Army. 

Thank you for this #Blessed30Challenge




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