So what is your resolution 

If you vowed to drop 30lbs
Stop smoking 

Be more mindful 


Eat Healthier

Move more

Don’t set your self up for failure.

Do small things 

If you eat meat al the time, change it to every other day 

If you have 10-30-or 100 lbs to lose start slow.

After you get the ok from your doctor Walk more, start your day off with a smoothie, 

You don’t eat breakfast?  Time to start. 
The beginning of a new year should signal a stress-free, fresh start, but instead we tend to overwhelm ourselves with resolutions that set the bar way too high

Tip #1: Weigh Everything

And i mean everything. So that includes yourself as well as your food. I know it can feel like a chore, and you might hate looking at your own weight, but make scales work for you instead of against you by shifting how you think about them.
“If you’re trying to lose weight, I believe you should weigh yourself every day,”

“You’re going to see how your body fluctuates.” This way, he explains, you’ll see if what you’re doing is working, and you won’t put pressure and anticipation on a weekly weigh-in. 
Using a food scale will also help you gauge portion sizes, and track your intake. Once you get into the habit of incorporating it into preparing your meals, you’ll start to eyeball reasonable quantities, which will make ordering at restaurants much easier.
Tip #2: Slow. Down.

It’s the same reminder we were given as kids and that you’ve probably told your own kids. So chew, chew, chew, and don’t inhale your food. Trust me ,you’ll enjoy your meals more, and you’ll give yourself time to digest them to feel full sooner. Once your mouth starts to take cues from your stomach, you’ll end up eating fewer calories overall.
And if you need a helping hand, try using your non-dominant hand, 

 So if you typically use your right hand, use your left, or vice versa. Give it a whirl or a twirl, as in spinning pasta around your fork this way. It won’t be easy, but that’s the point! It’ll help prevent you from overeating.

Tip #3: Move More

“Losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise,”  So to put in 100% effort, you’ve got to work in physical activity. He recommends trying a fitness tracker to challenge yourself to move more every day. 

“Mentally, it changes everything. It is so much better for the mind if you keep your body moving.”

Tip #4: Think Positively

When you’re trying to build healthy habits, a bad day or negative thoughts can sabotage those with the best of intentions. 
That’s where meditation or simply being mindful by slowly breathing and calming yourself down can work wonders to help manage stress and anxiety.

 Find a few minutes every day to just turn off your phone and the TV, to quiet the mind and just chill.

Tip #5: Take Progress Pics

This one might be tough, but if you take pics of yourself in your bathing suit or gym clothes at your starting weight, “you’ll be able to look back on your progress to see how far you’ve come,”. Every step forward in the process deserves to be acknowledged!

Tip #6: Put Meal Prep Time on Your Calendar

Preparation is definitely the key to success to avoid reaching for junk food. “Set aside an hour during the week to prep your meals, so you’ll have that healthy option in your fridge to help you stay on track,”.

Tip #7: Try new foods

Like asparagus or spaghetti squash 

Seaweed Snacks these are way better than I thought. I buy Annie Chuns wasabi flavored. Spicy 🌶 Hot.  They help a craving and they have vitamin A,C and calcium, potassium, magnesium, and iodine, which helps with your thyroid function. 

Avaocado oil
For me 
Turmeric is pantry must-have for It’s traditionally used in Indian and Latin American cooking, and is super anti-inflammatory. You can sprinkle it on any sauté, but one way I enjoy it is in a golden milk latte. 
Blend 1 teaspoon turmeric with 2 cups almond milk, a dash cayenne pepper, 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon, and a teaspoon coconut oil, then warms it all up on the stove top. The coconut oil is key to get the most health benefits from the spice, because turmeric is fat-soluble.

Tip #8: Learn to Read Your “Hunger Quotient”

Listen to your body. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being famished and 1 being stuffed, she wants you to eat when you’re slightly hungry and stop eating when you’re at a level 4, which means you’re slightly satisfied. “If you do this, and you don’t change anything else you’re doing, you will lose weight,” adding that you’re going to have to work hard at it.
Tip #9: Do Wraps Without the Wrap

Ditch traditional wraps that are highly processed and are high in sugar and carbs. Instead, she recommends using collard greens,  or seaweed as the wraps instead of tortillas, because they’re higher in nutrients and lower in calories. Then stuff them with lean protein like shredded chicken and lots of veggies.
Tip #10: Think Upside Down Pyramid

Breakfast like a king 

Lunch like a prince

Dinner like a pauper

“Eat an upside down pyramid, and front load your calories in the beginning of the day,” 

Not only does this strategy give you more time to burn the calories off, he says, but your metabolism tends to slow down closer to bedtime, so you’re eating more when it’s working faster. 

TIP #11: Drink 1 Cup of Water Before Each Meal

I hate water. So this is a challenge for me. But I try. 

Water expands your stomach, sending a message to your brain that you’re full, 

So don’t touch your food until you’ve had the entire cup, because you’re trying to trick your stomachs. The gas in fizzy water like seltzer will expand your stomach even more, creating less room for food.

TIP #12:Smoothies

Recipe below more to follow

TIP #13: Go Meat-Free Every Other Day

Just skipping meat can save up to 600 to 700 calories, while also reducing cholesterol, sodium, and saturated fat in your diet.

Tip #14: Spritz Instead of Drizzling

Instead of buying a cooking spray, make your own with a Misto Olive Oil sprayer, To use less oil when I also recommend spraying just the rim of the dough with the olive oil.

TIP #17: Add Fat-Burning Ingredients

When prepping homemade pizza, I like loading them up with metabolism boosting ingredients like bell peppers, hot peppers, mushrooms, onions, and tomatoes. Perfect ingredients for a low-calorie stir fry, too!

Good luck!!! Post your tips if you like 😊


Fruit and Peanut Butter Smoothie 

Now if you can’t eat peanut butter omit it

2 cups fresh or frozen strawberries 1 cup vitamin D-fortified whole, low-fat or skim milk or unsweetened almond, soy or coconut milk 1 ripe banana, peeled and sliced 1 tablespoon unsalted organic peanut butter 1 teaspoon organic vanilla protein powder like shakeology and add 12 small ice cubes 

Blend and yummy.

Ways to quit smoking

Quitting Smoking — Tips for the First Hard Days

Behavioral therapy. You’ll work with a counselor to find ways not to smoke. …

Nicotine replacement therapy. Nicotine gum, patches, inhalers, sprays, and lozenges are nicotine replacement therapies. …

Medicine. …

Combo treatments.

Just try small things and then add something else new. 

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