King of Hearts ๐Ÿ’• and Stents: Heart Disease

Whew what a week 

November 30 2016 

In the movies, you never doubt when a man’s having a heart attack. He clutches his chest, screams, or moans, and falls to the ground. If he’s lucky, help is on its way.






In real life, the signs aren’t always that cut and dry 
Learn symptoms 




Jaw pain/ Tooth pain

Tightness/Squeezing in chest 

Arm pain usually left but can be in any arm

Heaviness in chest




General epigastric (upper middle abdomen) discomfort

Shortness of breath 

the importance of seeking prompt medical attention in the presence of symptoms that suggest a heart attack. Early diagnosis and treatment saves lives, and delays in reaching medical assistance can be fatal. A delay in treatment can lead to permanently reduced function of the heart due to more extensive damage to the heart muscle. Death also may occur as a result of the sudden onset of arrhythmias such as ventricular fibrillation.

The emotional impact of a heart attack can be hard to deal with for all involved
Suddenly, my splendid, strong, husband became a patient, a victim, and me along with him.โ€
I don’t understand why people become stubborn or in a sort of denial when you tell them
We need to go to the hospital 

You could be having a heart attack 

My husband 

Works as a Heavy Equipment Mechanic in the construction industry. 

He works in weather that ranges from -10 in winter to 100+ in the summer.

He often lays on the ground when it’s cold or ho
So Friday he was having Back pain at work nothing else so he was assuming he may have a cold in his back or lungs
And just kept working.
That night he was restless and agitated that his back was really hurting 
I immediately thought of a heart attack, because my parents had heart problems 
But he refused said he just needed to lay down
After a couple hours of me not being able to sleep because I kept thinking I need to get him to an ER
I went in felt his head

He was sweaty and clammy 
At that point I said time to go to ER
Again he said I was overreacting 
So I had to threaten him

Either we go now or I call ambulance 
He finally complied 
Then I had to argue with the hospital staff

We get there

I had to demand a wheelchair for him

I parked car walk in a what do I see ?

They are making him fill out all the patient info

Had to bitch again
Then they made him wheel himself to a frickn waiting area
I blew up
I’m like someone get him in the effing back now , don’t you understand I think he’s having a heart attack!!
I felt like I could have jumped out of my own skin at that point I was so pissed off ๐Ÿ˜ก 
So he goes in the back and now me the wife isn’t allowed in back. 
I’m still furious 

15 to 20 minutes go buy

Someone comes out and says 
Yes your husband is having a heart attack, good thing you brought him here!
I begin to cry

Cry because I’m scared 

Cry because the way he was treated upon arrival at ER

Cry because I should have made him come sooner

I asked to see him 

I was told I could for 1 minute as they are transporting him via hospital Heart Team ambulance, to the other mercy hospital across town.
He was going to catch lab

And going right to surgery 
I picked the cardiology team 

and was told they will be out to talk with me asap 
I called my daughter who is a clinical nurse manager for a hospital down south. 

She calmed me, reassured me.
When the surgery was over 

I had her also hear what cardiologist/surgeon said, sometimes when it’s you or someone you love having surgery the doctors words end up sounding like the teacher in a Charlie Brown cartoon

He had a heart attack 

Had not 1 but 2 medicated stents , he was awake during procedure and is doing well

One artery was 

100 percent blocked the other

99 percent blocked
I was shocked 

Because he was working so hard every day 10 – 12 hrs a day. 

But thank god he was going to be ok. 

Doctor said if I didn’t get him there he probably would have died if he waited a few hours longer. 
Now he’s back in his room 

We’re both in shock ,he’s always been a calm and quiet man.
Seems to calm 

I feel like I’m going to jump out of my skin

My adrenaline kicked in

So I walked to chapel to thank god…….

Story will continue …..
If you haven’t been eating well don’t wait 
We have been eating better about 10 months before my husband had his heart attack

Because of my bone disease
But here are some links to help you along the way. 

Heart Association Diet
Dash Diet

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