Time flys ….

Day 30 Last day of WEGO Health Activist Writers Monthly Challenge  #HAWMC

Whewww….Can you believe how fast 30 days flew  by?  

That was fun and challenging 

But that was just the beginning 

Being a new blogger less than 12 weeks 

I’ve learned a lot. 

I was diagnosed with Osteonecrosis in 2014

And my advocacy came out of the gate like a racehorse full speed ahead, and no looking back 

Through my advocacy I have been blessed to meet a lot of wonderful people by starting a support group for Avascular Necrosis/ Osteonecrosis . It’s a closed group so only those with the disease can join. 

Grateful for successfully making a booklet for patients by patients who are newly diagnosed with Osteonecrosis. I have worked hard on it for a few months. 

My goal is to get the government by next year to proclaim Nov.29, as Osteonecrosis Awareness Day in my state or in the country. 

My goals through my advocacy are to bring about change in patient care, treatment options,research, and awareness and education.

I also would like to get sponsors to buy an ad space for 25.00 , their business card/logo would be seen in the booklets we then give to patients and other doctors.

So we can just keep the booklet printing, and given away at no cost

So the book would just fund itself via supporters.




Naturopathic Doctors 



Physical Therapy 

Or any small business 

I have thought about opening it up to individuals as well but my goal is for medical professionals to sponsor it. 

I would like to write and get paid for my blog posts, but being very new to blogging I have no idea how to do this. 

I would also like to have my own podcast about various Diseases of the bone, Arthritis etc.    In 2017 it will happen.

And I want my logos and booklet recognized by the nonf.org 
And have my logos used as official Avascular Necrosis/Osteonecrosis Ribbon. 
I have sent the people in charge of nonf 

(National Osteonecrosis Foundation ) 

But hasn’t really gotten that far just written email communication but no decisions on anything 
I also want to at some point work on a fun run for Osteonecrosis and once I determine what (Agency)  would most benefit from any money raised. 

Someday I would like to have a non profit at some point. But that’s very expensive and I have other things that need done first 

I have Big plans, Big visions and I’m very determined 

I would like to thank WEGO Health for having this Writers Monthly Challenge 

It’s been fun, challenging and I have met some awesome people 

And would love to work with you all in the future.
Thank you 

God Bless

Deborah Andio


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We need stem cells 


Avascular Necrosis 




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