If I Could Change One Thing in the Healthcare Landscape 

Day 25 WEGO Health Writers Monthly Challenge 

Wow that’s a tough question;
Because our healthcare system is so far in the dark ages with limits on treatment options. 

There in my opinion are  so many things that need changing 
 To me it all started with the passage of the Affordable Care Act. From the time our lawmakers passed healthcare reform up until now, the landscape of medicine has been changing. 
Any physician can tell you that some changes were needed. 
However The cost of healthcare has been increasing and far outpacing inflation for many years now. I know mine is. 

While the intent of the Affordable Care Act was good, the aftershocks are changing the very way medicine is being practiced.
From getting 
Affordable Care and Treatment to 
Preventative care and counseling 
to seeing a Nutritionist
or a Naturopathic doctor 
Even DNA blood testing to check for underlying medical issues
To stem cell treatments PRP or Prolotherapy 

All of which is usually either not covered by insurance or is minimal at best. 

Then the purging of records after so long. 
Is a big inconvenience for generations to come. 

Communication between Doctors could also be a lot better. 


If I could change one thing in the healthcare system it would be to get stem cell injections covered by insurance as well as lower cost of Stem Cell Injections.

It’s a selfish choice based on my own condition, but I know so many will and would benefit as well if this was available for many conditions and diseases 
There is so much great research and success in that field yet So many cannot afford to get done including myself because of the cost. 

Can stem cell therapy reawaken the healing that makes regenerating joint tissue possible? 
The main culprit that sends a patient for joint replacement surgery is the disintegration of the bones in the joint. 
And the trauma that joint replacements put your body through vs using your own cells as a treatment option.

 We are missing the boat. 
And its costing us a fortune when an alternative option could save us so much money in the long run.

                * Joint replacement for bone damage or necrosis (death) is not always the patient’s desired first option.
Yet because of the cost many have to suffer. 

When we could be using our own body and cells to help our body heal. 

And it’s not just for 

Musculoskeletal issues and diseases 

Heart Conditions



And the list goes on. 





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