Day 23 WEGO Health Writers Monthly Challenge #HAWMC

Well I guess the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard about my Osteonecrosis in my knee is when my ortho told me 
“Well Deb your knee looks like butter, there’s nothing we can do at this time, so we will have to wait until your knee collapses then we can replace it” 

Huh!!??? Wait say that again?

And he did 

Your knee looks like butter…..

I’ve been told this by a couple so called specialists , so what does that mean hmmm I wonder. 
I mean really who compares a body part to butter? 

Was it the fat in my leg he saw ? Nope he said my knee. 

And what kind of butter 

Hard butter?

Soft butter?

Melted butter?

I mean really what the hell school did they go to?

Yes I understand my knees is jacked up. 

But to be told this and no one will fix it to me is not only ridiculous but cruel
It doesn’t feel like butter.
And from what I see it doesn’t look like butter 👀 
Give me a break. 


2 thoughts on “Ridonk~U~Les

  1. I’m glad they didn’t say that about my hip. He said, we could wait but it will just get worse. So I said, replace it now. When they got in there it was collapsing, but it wasn’t on the x-ray. It just looked like…..ummm…butter?
    After the replacement things got much better. (Maybe now I have cheese)

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