Monday Not Always A Fun Day….Looking forward to Terrific Tuesday 

Day 14 #HAWMC

WEGO Health Activist Writers Monthly Challenge 

What gets me to the point of burn out and saddens me is running from Doctor to Doctor.
Some days you feel like your just being passed around as either a science experiment or they just want someone else to deal with the situation.

 Having Osteonecrosis, Spondylolithesis and pain is exhausting enough but the when you get the run around it’s just crazy. 

So you have the referral , you run around getting copies of MRI images X-ray images Ultra sound results medical information etc.  
Then when you make the appointments. see the other Doctors they look at you and wonder why your there? 
One for example , I was diagnosed with Factor V Leiden in April, because I had a lot of blood tests run. So I was referred to a hematologist , a vascular doctor and an 2 orthopedics all in a month. 
I make the appointment wait 3 weeks to get in and the Doctor wants to again have me pay for all these blood tests again.
So i complied. Same result.
It just becomes exhausting 

The hematologist never did anything about the clot disorder and I never went back there again.  I never had a clot but having Factor V  heterogeneous you would think you could at least get some advice  especially since it can effect my Osteonecrosis in my bones. 
But nope I got zero advice or assistance 
Same this with a vascular doctor he looked at me wondering why I’m there. Ummm could it be I’m getting little blood flow to my knee and have Osteonecrosis due to trauma to knee? 
Nope paid a copay for a specialist for him to take the pulse in my ankles, something my PCP already does. Views my ultrasound suggests I see an orthopedic. It would be nice if all Drs had a customer service dept , that way if they suck or don’t really do anything for you. You get your co-pay back. 
It’s like ~WTH~
Sometimes I feel like it’s a money scam. Let’s charge the patient again and again and yet nothing really has been done but less money in my pocket.
I am at that point I stopped all the nonsense spoke up. And now I see my family Dr only. 
I’m not wasting anymore of my time  and money on being shuffled around, taking a step forward and they push me back 2 steps. 

I face any and everything positively.But I don’t like the feeling of being taken advantage of. 
Once I would like to leave a doctors office feeling somewhat hopeful vs disgusted and drained. 

Another thing that saddens me is I love the support group I run but now and then you get a couple negative people join who disrespects members of the group or myself and I have to remove them. I give them plenty of opportunities to change their attitude but I cannot have a group of over 400 members be disrespected as we all have the same illness of Osteonecrosis and sadly there are times I unfortunately have to remove people from my group. 

I have actually lost sleep over that. 

But at the end of the day or at some point during the day I have to pause and just gather my thoughts, meditate 

And be grateful I managed  to get through yet another doctor day 

So bring on Terrific Tuesday 

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