Quotation Inspiration

Day 3 Of the #Wegohealth Health Activist Writers Monthly Challenge #HAWMC

Quotation Inspiration

We have to write about a quote that inspires us (either positively or negatively) and free write about it for 15 minutes 

I’m very new at this blogging 

So here we go

The quote I chose is one I relate to 

“Fate whispers to the warrior ‘You cannot withstand the storm.’, the warrior whispers back ‘I am the storm.’ ” unknown 

The meaning of this to me is is that no matter what I have or will face or what cards I have been dealt in my life, no matter what challenges and obstacles I have now or may come across I will not allow anything to defeat me without a fight. 

I survived so many things in my life already

From my first marriage being abusive from 1980 to 89

To being given the wrong medication by a Doctor,  for a skin condition I didn’t have which left me with severe burns on 1/2 of my body to the point the hospital told my parents to call our priest for last rites my body temperature was 106 , to boot it wasn’t even legal for the pharmacy to fill it for a patient it was called Oxsoralen Lotion I almost died In May 1985 at age 22 but I’m a warrior a fighter a survivor 
 My daughter was almost 4 years old at that time and was not going to leave this earth and have her raised by a man who abused her mother. 

I remember seeing her beautiful little face when my parents brought her to the hospital to see me.I fought hard to be here.

My parents even called in a woman who was a spiritual healer she prayed over me for hours.     

God had a plan for me as I’m still here and have little to no no scaring. Thank you Lord. 

Then being an only child and watching both parents pass away at a young age my father at 56 in 1988 from lifetime of cardio vascular disease and then cancer.
And my mother at age 64 in 2000 from a heart condition as well. Her pace maker stopped working causing her to lose oxygen to her brain, I had to make the decision when to remove her off of life support. The hardest thing in my life I have ever done.
From loving a great job with great pay and then watching the company be bought and everyone being let go 
To learning a new career in the optical field , and loving it for years and then an injury to my knee lands me with a meniscus tear and Avascular Necrosis/ Osteonecrosis in the one knee and through that process ,finding out I also have Spondylolithesis in L5 S1 and Factor V Leiden Heterogeneous 
When I was young I had great parents but my dad had a heart condition from about age 36 his first open heart surgery was about age 38 and he had 2 triple bypass and a quad all before age 50 and then developed cancer at age 55. My dad was a great man a fighter he loved life and his family I remember him saying he would go through open heart surgery every 5 years if it gave him 5 more years 
My mother had fibrocystic disease had a double mastectomy , hysterectomy and a heart condition she was also a strong kind woman but also tough as nails. 
I think by seeing all the hell they went through and then my life off and on being a mess, I was born a warrior.
My parents were giving people helped their family , community and so do I by raising awareness from domestic violence to a bone disease called Osteonecrosis. I can no longer help out at shelters as my mobility isn’t always the best because of my knee but I can do something. 
I refuse to allow any disease stop me from a rich life , you don’t have to have a lot of money to have a rich life. It’s all about what you do when you have obstacles you can either run from them or face them head on. 
I choose to face things head on.

I have a wonderful husband of almost 21 years 

(my 2nd marriage)

And we face things together 

So when I am faced with things that seem overwhelming I may have a brief pity party but then I get busy finding ways to face the challenge.

That storm doesn’t stand a chance because it has no idea who it’s messing with , but it will soon find out 

I am a force to be reckoned with  

The end

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  1. Beautiful, honest and I can relate to your post! Thank you for sharing. I love the quote! And strong parents! Something I understand. Heart disease at a young age is tough on the kids. My dad had his first triple by-pass at 42 when I was a freshman in high school. He had his second 14 years later. He is still with us. My mom is a prayer warrior. I admire your parents and your strong will. Prayers for you and yours.

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