What’s the most fun way to exercise?

What's the most fun way to exercise? Hmmmm, When living with chronic knee and back pain, exercise may seem daunting and painful. However, there are still fun and low-impact ways to stay active and improve overall health. Roller skating and hiking used to be fun and my favorite way to exercise, I lived at the... Continue Reading →

What to Expect When Living With Spondylolysis that has progressed Spondylolisthesis

I had back pain off and on for about 14 years, doctors usually thought I was too young for such intense pain, one doctor accused me of being a pill seeker. I was so frustrated I reported him to the local hospital administrator. I also fired a couple doctors because they acted as if I... Continue Reading →

Happy Easter

Easter is one of the most significant celebrations in the Christian calendar. It commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, which is the cornerstone of the Christian faith. Easter is a time of joy and celebration, reminding us of the hope and new life that Christ's resurrection brings. It is also a time... Continue Reading →

Happy Easter

Easter is a time of joy and blessing, a time when we celebrate new beginnings and the hope that comes with them. For many, it is a time of reflection and gratitude, a time to give thanks for the blessings in our lives and to remember the sacrifices that have been made on our behalf.... Continue Reading →

Good Friday

Good Friday is a solemn day in the Christian calendar that commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is a day of reflection and repentance, reminding us of the sacrifice that Christ made for our salvation. On this day, we are called to walk with Christ and live in faith, knowing that through his death... Continue Reading →

Palm Sunday – Holy Week Begins

The Easter season always comes with an element of anticipation. As we commemorate the days of Lent and reflect on Jesus's sacrifice, Easter Sunday awaits with its festivities and celebrations. But first,Psalm Sunday the fourth Sunday of Lent, begins Holy Week and recognizes Jesus's welcome into Jerusalem before he was crucified. This year, Palm Sunday... Continue Reading →

Going to Try a Compound Pharmacy

I hate pills and medication in general. You take something for one thing and then you have to worry about side effects , addiction wasting money on things that don’t work or you have a bad reaction to. Living with joint pain has many challenges, what works often doctors don’t want to give and yet... Continue Reading →

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